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Watch A Race Car Crash Into A Ramp And Then Catch On Fire (UPDATE)

Ever wonder what would happen if a car didn't make it over one of those rather pointless jump ramps featured in the X Games RallyCross event? 21 year old Finnish driver Toomas Heikkinen found out yesterday during practice for the event and the answer is a little painful to watch.


After coming up short on the 70 foot gap, Heikkinen's Ford Fiesta rally car had a head on impact with the ramp and then flipped upside down into the gap. As a finale the car's fluids set on fire while the injured driver crawled out of the car.

Still, after watching this crash, we'd say this rally driver was pretty lucky to escape with only minor injuries. Heikkinen broke his left ankle and had complaints of abdominal pain as a result of this dramatic crash. Because of his injuries, Heikkinen will not compete in the X Games RallyCross finals on Sunday.


UPDATE:According to a tweet from British Rallycross driver Liam Doran the jump that Heikkinen injured himself on will be converted to a table top for today's final event.

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Hat tip to For Sweden!

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I'm curious about the accident response. When we watch vids of rally events, or other races it seems like there are emergency workers there within no time at all. One would think an obstacle like this would always have guys stationed right next to it. Instead, you see spectators wandering around in the background (and then running away), and it seems like forever before anyone shows up to help the guy.