Watch A Porsche Go Rallying From The Navigator’s Point Of View

Nothing gives you quite a sense of how insane it is to take a 400+ horsepower Porsche GT3 rallying than this manic video, shot from the navigator's helmet. It's epic.

How the hell the navigator keeps his act together while the car is oversteering on tiny mountain roads surrounded by trees is beyond me. It's not just the rally drivers who have balls of steel, apparently.

(Hat tip to BtheD19!)

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The more I watch Rally Racing, the more I think that the navigator has the hardest job. He has to keep up with specific direction at the perfect time all while been thrown around in a car around mountain roads at break neck speed.

The driver only has to listen to what's coming up and have car control. Not discrediting the driver though, but the other guy just isn't along for the ride.