Watch A Porsche 911 Eat Le Mans' Wall In Slow-Mo

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The No. 89 WeatherTech Porsche 911 RSR can’t catch a break this year at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Not only are they short a driver after Cooper MacNeil became too sick to race, but Marc Miller just spun off into the wall.

Commentators believe that Miller may have hit fluid on the track that sent him spinning off into the wall. Either way, it’s a tough break to Miller and lone codriver Leh Keen, even if this does give the overloaded duo a break while the car is repaired.


This is just the latest of the bad luck befalling the poor No. 89. MacNeil’s reserve driver, Gunnar Jeannette, was not allowed to race as he had not completed the mandatory five laps during night qualifying, per Sportscar365. So, Miller and Keen opted to try racing all 24 hours themselves like total beasts.

The shunt caused a lengthy slow zone, as the barrier had to be repaired from the hit.

Update: The broadcast later confirmed that the No. 89 hit radiator fluid from the No. 91 Porsche Motorsport 911 RSR.

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