Watch A Policeman On Foot Pull Over A 220 MPH Supercar

The tiny principality of Monaco is both one of the richest and most crowded places in the world, which means it has a large population of exotic cars and a small collection of roads to drive them on. Thus, after rapidly accelerating his Pagani Zonda S Roadster into a tunnel, this driver returns to the scene of the crime.


Not a smart move.

Waiting for this driver at the mouth of the tunnel on his return is one of Monaco's policeman, who merely has to direct the supercar to the side of the road in order to write him a ticket. At about 0:47 you'll notice a 1929 Bugatti Type 40A Gran Sport 1923 Bugatti Type 23 Brescia drives past.


It's almost as if the classic French motorcar is snickering at the nouveau riche Swiss beast.

(Hat tip to Hannes!)

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Max Finkel

what did he get pulled over for? That seemed like a public service to me....