Watch A Police Officer Identify A Suspect After Being Shot Three Times

An Indiana police officer who pulled someone over with a broken tail light was faced with more than the average traffic stop Friday night when the driver of the white Volvo shot officer Matt Fox repeatedly, striking him in the chest, wrist and neck.

Despite being shot, Fox manages to give other officers a description of the car and shooter that eventually led to him.


WARNING: The video posted below is graphically violent.

When Fox finally pulled the car over, its driver, James Lockhart III, 27, emerged from the car firing his pistol. Lockhart kept firing as he approached the driver side window of Fox's cruiser, discharging more than four rounds into the car. Fox's bullet proof vest probably saved his life.


Lockhart was later gunned down when he hit another police car and began firing at police again. Fox was taken to the hospital for injuries, but was listed in good condition. Another officer and a police dog were injured in Lockhart's second shootout, but are already on the road to recovery.


Photo credit: WTHR/NBC

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