If you're going to huff paint, why sit around in the basement playing Grand Theft Auto? The real thing's more thrilling and you might actually die. That was, apparently, the train of thought for an Australian 17-year-old who got high on paint, stole a BMW X5, and eluded police in a high speed chase around Brisbane.

Joined by six other teenagers, William John Noel Compton (how's that for an Aussie paint huffer's name?) evaded police for nearly two hours (a pair of other teens broke away in a stolen Z4) before getting himself cornered in an underground parking garage. We're not sure if he was driving the V6 or V8 version of the X5, but judging from news chopper footage of the chase, his pursuer had difficulty keeping up. In any event, it was much more exciting than OJ Simpson's pathetic trundle away from the LAPD way back in '94.


Luckily for the fume-dizzy teens, there will be no bloody glove involved in the police investigation. But by the time their buzzes had worn off, all seven were charged with burglary, breaking and entering and unlawful use of motor vehicles.

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