Watch A New York City Subway Flood After A Watermain Break

Earlier today, a large watermain broke around the Flatiron Building on 23rd Street here in New York City. Water mains break all the time, this isn't anything new.

What is interesting is that it broke right over the NRQ subway station on 23rd Street. It flooded the streets above ground, but below ground is where it became a big problem. Subway service was suspended and delays resulted. Impatient New Yorkers were probably livid that they were somewhat inconvenienced.


Check out the scene now that the MTA is pumping the water out of the hole. It's kinda crazy. All that lovely clean and totally not rat infested water looks delightful.

During Hurricane Sandy the subways took on a lot of water and totally flooded, but the MTA got it back online really quick. This should be another quick cleanup, but for now it sucks.

Photo Credit: MTA

(Hat Tips to @raywert and @bysamro!)

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