In a moral victory for everyone that's ever seen something and immediately wondered what it'd be like to ride a motorcycle over that something, South African Trials star Brian Capper just got a chance to ride his bike over the 384-foot-tall arch supporting Durban's Moses Mabhida Stadium.


Trials bikes share very little with regular motorcycles other than their two-wheels-and-an-engine configuration. To start with there's no seat; purpose-built competition machines, they're made to be ridden standing up. Other differences are extreme light weight — think mountain bike — and very, very low gearing.

The sport of trials itself is sort of an arcane take on two-wheeled gymnastics. Competitors tackle a challenging obstacle course either in the woods or in a stadium in which they must navigate a series of climbs, jumps and balance beams under a certain time, with points come off every time they touch a foot down to balance. Riders like Capper are attempting to draw more attention to the sport by taking it out of motorcycling's footnotes and into extreme stunts like this one. You couldn't pull of a similar ride on your Harley while wearing assless leather chaps.

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