Watch A Moron Destroy His Lamborghini In A Street Race

Is there any vehicle that screams, "The only thing that makes my penis look impressive is my driving skill," more than a bright green Lamborghini Gallardo? If this video of a pack of overcompensating owners street racing on an open highway is evidence, then the answer is, "no."

Wait, why's that one going backwards?

An unidentified driver and his or her "crew" or Lamborghini-driving pals were speeding through what appears to be China when two bulls got a little too close overtaking. There was plenty of rooms for both cars, but the driver of the green Gallardo overreacted and ended up colliding with the wall (and possibly more).


It's the inevitable result of exotic street racing, particularly in China, where drivers reach new heights in public endangerment.

"If you have $200k to spend on a car, you have $3,000 to go to race school and $1,200 to go to stunt-driving school. Its well worth it," said Drake Kemper over at Luxury4Play, where the clip was originally posted.

Certainly cheaper than replacing a big chunk of a Gallardo.

(Hat tip to Robb!)

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