How tough is this snowblower? Uh, very tough.

BangShift turned up this video of a Fair Snowcrete. To prove the blower's strength, it was pitted against an old Geo Metro. The Geo, as you can see, did not make it.

BangShift got an attached note to the video, which details why these things deserve respect.

One of the owners of the company told me they got the name from the fact that this thing would chew up concrete blocks and spit them out like nothing. There used to be a video of one of their employees throwing blocks into the machine. I used to laugh my ass off watching it because the only protection the guy was wearing was a pair of work gloves. No face shield, safety glasses or any protective body wear what so ever. Jeans and a T shirt were the only thing between him and bits of flying debris. That is most likely why the video has been taken down. Looked more like an OSHA "what not to do" video.


I want one.