Watch a Lamborghini put together piece-by-piece

Among the many events related to the Lamborghini Aventador launch was also a display inside the "Chiostro del Bramante," a contemporary art museum located in the historical center of Rome. To get it inside, however, required assembling the raging bull piece-by-glorious-piece.


Titled "La Forza del Toro" (that's Italian for "The Force of the Bull"), the exhibition consisted of a Lamborghini Aventador and five V12 engines from different periods. Nothing out of the ordinary so far, except the fact that builders of the 16th century building erected it without anticipating that a 2.03-meter wide, 4.78-meter long supercar would one day have to come inside.

So, how'd they get it in? Simple, by assembling it piece by piece.

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