Watch a high speed drive in the snow somewhat predictably end poorly

The passing of Thanksgiving is a sure sign to most drivers in the colder parts of the country soon we will be driving in the snow (if you aren't already).

In preparation for another year of winter driving we present you with this video that is a pretty good reminder what happens when you drive like a jackass in the snow.

Luckily this Russian driver installed a dash camera on his car so we are all able to ride along on his high speed drive in the snow without the concern for our personal safety.


Things seem to be going well, although obviously way too fast, on this snowy ride down a rural road until the driver and his passenger spot a disabled vehicle. They exchange some words, the driver presumably tries to slow down, and then the inevitable crash happens.


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That truck was obviously rwd, awd doesn't swing like that and it has more opportunity to save the fishtail