Watch a frightening motorcycle crash from a racer's point of view

In most motorsports, it's almost a cliche to see a crash unfolding from the car behind it. Here's the view of a motorcycle crash that happens so fast you don't see the bike until its in the air by the driver's head.


The rider says here's what happened:

It was the first race of the SBKs (Swiss Championship and German "second league" - the Championship that comes after IDM.) The crashing rider was OK. He plans to ride IDM this weekend in Hockenheim. Me, I had only a punkture from crunched parts flying around on the right! shoulder (finished second the restart and won next days race). The guy who has to pass the bike left side behind me broke his little toe showing the bones - no crash. And a "normal" crash behind.

H/T to MrQuick!


BtheD19, Formula J treble World Champion

?? If you didn't see that crash, you need your eyesight checked. The wideangle camera doesn't help, but the guy (two packs ahead) drifts too wide, hits the grass and high-sides. You see him laying on the right and the bike flipping at least 200yds ahead. The rider lifted and braked, at that speed there wasn't much else he could do and of course a flipping bike is pretty unpredictable. But if you didn't see that bike until it was right beside the rider, do us all a favor and stay off the track, I don't need you slamming into me.