Watch A Formula E Car Pop A Wheelie On Impact

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Today’s Formula E Mexico City ePrix lost all semblance of chill towards the end of the race. One of several attempts to fight for position didn’t end well for the two Mahindra cars, littering the turn in Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez’s old baseball stadium with debris with two laps to go.

Nico Prost’s blue Renault e.dams made contact with the bright orange and white Mahindra of Nick Heidfeld, spinning him around. Heidfeld’s Mahindra teammate Felix Rosenqvist then t-boned Heidfeld, popping his front wheels off the ground in the process. Mitch Evans’ Jaguar was also damaged in the pile-up.


Is there anything worse than t-boning your own teammate, though? Not really. That’s got to be awkward.

There was a big enough hole for a car to fit through the debris, no one even cleaned up the mess. They ended with the turn still littered with bits of car.


Audi’s Lucas Di Grassi ultimately won the race, after an early pit stop under yellow to repair a broken wing allowed him to jump ahead of all of the drivers who opted to pit later.

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