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This is an Air Malta Airbus A320. Its jet engines produce roughly 21,500 horsepower. Next to it is a brand-new Ferrari F12, with a measly 730. Who would win in a drag race?


If you cut ahead to 2:20 in the video you can watch the Airbus absolutely stomp the Ferrari. In just about any other race, the Ferrari would have been the heavyweight, but this time it was the pipsqueak of the two. It looks like the car got a bad start, but the power of that jet was really unbeatable.

The race was held on December 9, 2012 for charity. The Times of Malta reports that the race specifically was to raise fund for "L-Istrina, the annual Christmas charity event held under the patronage of President George Abela."

The runway itself at Malta International Airport was 2,600m long. We're dying to know what kind of speed the V12 Ferrari hit in that distance.

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