Watch A Drunk Woman Ram Her Ex-Boyfriend's Car Into A Bowling Alley

After being dumped over Facebook a drunk British woman took her crazy revenge by driving her former boyfriend's car into a bowling alley where he worked.

Amazingly no one was hurt when 31 year old Claire Holley crashed into the building at an alarmingly high rate of speed January 25th but as you can tell from this security camera footage they easily could have been.

It should come as no surprise Holley was drunk when she decided to respond to her boyfriend of two year's Facebook relationship status change to "Single" by using his Ford Focus as a battering ram. The resulting incident caused approximately $22,000 ( £14,000) worth of damage.


After pleading guilty to dangerous driving this past week the British woman was given a suspended 9 month prison sentence and banned from driving for 18 months. Hopefully we are not alone in thinking the penalty for this insane action should have been much, much worse.

Hat tip to For Sweden!
[via BBC]

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Holy crap! The British build some really strong counters and interior walls in bowling alleys.