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The Peel P50 is the world's smallest production car, so fitting in Ford Transit Van's cavernous cargo bay is easy money. But turning all the way around in there? That's impressive, even if it takes a whole lot of working the wheel.


The American-Market Transit has 473 cubic feet of cargo space, and European models get even bigger; up to 533 cubic feet. That's obviously plenty for a 41"-wide P50, but not quite enough for the little car to make a sweeping turn despite its tiny turning radius.

You might recognize the P50's design from the 1960's, but Peel is taking inquiries from customers who want a new one. The company promises a price far below the $200,000-territory original models can fetch.


Unlike some of its predecessors the P50 in this video has a reverse gear, which could have been used to get the car out of the van with a lot less fuss... but where's the fun in that?

Since I know you're going to want to watch Jeremy Clarkson cram all 6'5" of himself into a Peel and drive around England now, here's that too:

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