Ah, the drive through zoo. The place where you get to see animals in a totally unnatural habitat and see some hot lion-on-lion mating action. It's also the place where a filthy camel will try to eat your daughter.

Tyler Inzer took his family to a drive through zoo in Kansas earlier this year, when a camel came to the window. They fed it, as one does when a camel is nearby.

Then they ran out of food.

So, instead of food, the camel decided that the little girl will work in a pinch. So it tried to gnaw on her head. The girl, who was laughing a lot, decided she didn't like that. Tyler smartly drove away once the camel put his daughter's head in its mouth.


But soon she started laughing again as the camel ran alongside the car as they drove away.

And once again, the national menace that is the camel is foiled. Keep an eye out for camels, folks.