Watch A Cadillac Fleetwood Run Circles Around A Ford Mustang

Gif: MuscleCarMania (YouTube)

If you thought your Ford Mustang was going to turn heads at the car show, I’m sorry. You brought the wrong car. Don’t even try to to a burnout or you’ll get completely dwarfed by the cloud of tire smoke coming from your great aunt’s Cadillac Fleetwood.

The big rear-wheel-rear-drive whale known as the early nineties Cadillac Fleetwood came with a 5.7 V8 no matter how you optioned it, one of which was the lovely LT1. You may know the LT1 from the engine bay your buddy’s bitchin’ Camaro. It’s a good little burnout machine.

This particular Cadillac made its way to Dombrád, Hungary, where it proceeded to smoke out the V8 Fanatics American car meet.

Death to all tires! Long live the brougham!

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I guess when it comes to American V8s, You Can Go Your Own Way.