Watch A Bosnian Bridge Get Completely Swept Away By Torrential Floods

Horrific floods have completely submerged parts of Serbia and Bosnia over the past week, deluging the local citizenry with the most rainfall since record keeping began 120 years ago. In many areas, nothing is safe, not even the bridges meant to surmount the highest waters. This one was completely swept away.

At least 25 people have been killed already, tens of thousands have been evacuated, and landmines that remained from the tragic conflicts of the 1990s now pose an even greater threat as the markers that denoted them have been removed by the endless amount of water.


This bridge in the town of Zavidovići ended up floating down what used to be the relatively tranquil Bosna river, and looks to be taking out everything in its path, including other bridges.

And if you don't know where Zavidovići is, it's here:

And if you don't know where Bosnia is, it's here:


The floods in Serbia and Bosnia are incredibly tragic, especially for two countries that are both so beautiful and have suffered through so much tragedy already.

Here's hoping it all gets better soon.

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