Watch a band-hauling motorcycle give new meaning to drum rolls

It's really too bad The White Stripes broke up before this Moscow motorcycle enthusiast had his brainstorm of a three-man band cycle, because Jack and Meg would have looked kinda bitchin' playing "Hotel Yorba" at freeway speeds.


According to the video's poster, the builder is one Alexander Ishutin, who wanted to revive motorcycle customization in Moscow and was concerned the city wasn't weird enough. Don't worry, Mr. Ishutin, Moscow seems plenty interesting to us.


(Hat tip to 4x!)

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I had the extreme misfortune of seeing Jack's then-new band "Dead Weather" play at ACL Fest a couple years back. It was possibly the worst performance I've ever seen by a group of people who allegedly made a living as musicians. The performance was listless and boring and the crowd, that had been packed in front of the stage in anticipation of Pearl Jam playing, streamed away like they were offering free bong-hits at the next stage over. The band noticed this early on and became increasingly pissy about it, to the point that the lead-singer/bimbo flopped her ass down on the stage and lit a cigarette while singing. Maybe they all should be sentenced to driving this band-wagon through San Antonio rush-hour traffic as penance, though I'd much prefer that they didn't actually play while they did it. I could care less about the dangers of their inattention but just don't want to have to hear their god-awful caterwauling.