This 665 Horsepower GMC Yukon Sounds Like A Satanic Tire-Slaying Vacuum

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With 665 horsepower and 658 lb-ft of torque, the supercharged Hennessey HPE650 GMC Yukon might be the meanest thing around with seating for seven and a 7,000 pound towing capacity. The obvious question is; can hold its own against Dodge Challenger Hellcat?

The drag race (06:45) definitely isn't definitive; in at least one of the clips the Yukon hits the gas before the light goes green... which I've heard is against the rules. But there's no denying this gigantic SUV moves much quicker than it has any right to. Sounds like it could suck the chrome off its own grille to boot.


So would you have this, or a Mercedes GL63 AMG? Of course if you need to scare the shit out of six other people and don't care about towing, you could also run with a Tesla.

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It's a pretty fair comparison considering the Hellcat Challenger and Yukon weigh about the same