Watch A $376,000 Lamborghini Burn To The Ground On A Test Drive

A little more information on yesterday's Lamborghini Aventador fire has come in and it explains how the "Aventador guy" was able to pose so calmly next to a melted Lamborghini. He was on a test drive.


Quick, everyone grab your camera!

The vehicle in question apparently belongs to a dealership (which explains the special plates) and spontaneously combusted while out on a test drive with the calm Interent venture capitalist in the photo.

Lamborghini is "trying to figure out what happened." Looks like they'll have plenty of video of the scene.

(Hat tip to IamStephen!)



Is it just me or was the right rear LED array still on as this was being shot? This has the following possible implications:

a) It was still running

b) The electrical system was still on

c) Hazards are impervious to scorching flames

d) Vorsprung durch Technik