Watch A 3,400-lb NASCAR Race Car Bounce In The Air

GIF via YouTube

Thank goodness for SAFER barriers, chapter No. 143,532,643.42. Kyle Larson lost control of his car after his left rear tire went down at Auto Club Speedway today, and commentators speculated that he hit the inside wall at about 140 to 150 mph. Fortunately, Larson was shaken, but was able to radio over to his team that he was okay.

The slow-motion view on this is really incredible, and gives away what happened. Larson initially hit the outside wall on the track before speeding into the infield pavement, where he hit the inner wall hard.


Larson said that this was “probably one of the harder hits of my career.” He has since been checked and released from the infield care center.

Tire wear seems to be a significant issue in the last couple races, with cars at last weekend’s Good Sam 500 suffering numerous tire failures due to excessive heat.


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He said he didn’t have brakes. Said he put it to the floor, but she never slowed up. I can’t imagine how horrible that split second must feel at those speeds, and at that angle.