Watch a 150-supercar traffic jam

The inhabitants of the British Isles have been herding for millennia, yet the Brit organizers of this summer's Wilton House event needed a little help to organize the 150 supercars attending the gathering into a proper group. Where's a good sheepdog when you need one?

There's almost too much to spot in this video, what with Enzos and an Aventador cheek-to-jowl with a Pagani and the ever-present Veyrons. Had we been given the staff, we might have moved the wine-colored Jaguar XJ220 to the front of the pack. Not just because of its rarity, beauty and Englishness, but also because it's most likely to overheat in traffic and burn a Ferrari.

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Dude. Shmee. You have a f*cking Aston Martin V8 Vantage. You have the time to go to these things and the funds to do the Gumball 3000. Get yourself a tripod, get yourself a DSLR, and get yourself a camera slider.

The hell's the matter with you?