What you see here is a rally car run by Fiat’s factory racing team in 1975 with great success. It’s called the Fiat Abarth 131/031 Mirafiori 3500 Bertone.

That monster sidepipe sticking out beneath the driver’s side door? It’s connected to a V6 engine, bored from three to 3.5 liters by the good people of Abarth, feeding itself through three twin-choke Webers to send 270 HP at a delicious 6800 RPM to the rear wheels via a De Tomaso Pantera gearbox mounted directly to the rear axle. And just look at those deep-dish rear wheels, clad in their ultrawide Pirellis.

Not bad at all. And that’s before you consider all the lightness added to the car: the glassfiber-aluminum-plexiglass body tips the scales at a featherweight 2470 pounds. The result is a top speed of 160 MPH.


And now for some photographic trickery: the picture you see above was taken with Leica’s weird and wonderful Noctilux lens, whose maximum aperture equals its focal range, allowing for handheld photography at night and a corresponding razor-thin depth of field.

Source—and further reading: 131Abarth.com, Sporting Fiats Club. Photo of red 131 with Noctilux lens: rin/Flickr