Wards Ignores Jalopnik At Epicenter Of El Camino Campaign

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Seems Wards Auto noticed our little campaign to resurrect the El Camino moniker for the 2010 Pontiac G8 sport truck, even going to far as to quote Bob Lutz's response to our question at the New York Auto Show. But when it came time to assign a location from which the hootin', hollerin' and shoutin' was emanating from, the best they could come up with was a vague pointing in a direction other than them. Although they were able to see the tens of dozens of press walking through the show wearing our "Vote El Camino Today!" pins, they apparently missed the name Jalopnik printed right underneath it. But at the very least they think our campaign has been "skillful":


"To date, El Camino has a massive head start, thanks to skillful grassroots campaigning."

Although now we're thinking maybe we should re-register our domain name to "skillful-grassroots-campaigning.com." Might not be the worst idea with campaign season upon us — bet it'll do pretty well in the ol' search engine optimization thing Wert's always talking about. That's alright though, no hard feelings on our part. This whole "El Camino" campaign isn't about our glory, we're merely humble servants to the cause. But the shout-out to our readers grassroots campaigners would have been nice. [WardsAuto]


Jeff Glucker

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