Want A 5-Speed Crown Victoria?

We all thought transplanting the drivetrain from a Lightning F-150 into a 2000 Ford Crown Vic was pretty cool, but some Panther owners might want to take on a less ambitious project that still makes our cars a lot more fun to drive. Say, grabbing the T-45 transmission out of a Mustang and installing it in a Panther, for example. Ford never saw fit to put a manual in the Panther, so it's not a straight bolt-in; that's why it's great to have the scoop from someone who's already solved all the problems involved with such a project. We've seen a very good how-to for those wishing to de-slushbox-ize their GM G-bodies, and now dRock96Marquis has put together a comprehensively documented and illustrated guide to doing the same with a 2003 Crown Victoria. [CrownVic.net]


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