Illustration for article titled Wango Tango! Dance Marathon for a Dodge Durango in Texas

Anyone who's seen "Hands on a Hardbody" knows Texans will endure all manner of tediousness to win a truck. Not content to give Nissan the last word, Dodge is sponsoring an endurance dance contest, the "Dodge Durango Tango" at the State Fair of Texas today. The enduring hoofer — partnered with a life-sized doll dressed up with wardrobe props — will win a 2008 Dodge Durango. Appearing at the event will be Emmitt "Lost: Answers to the Name of 'Dignity'" Smith, who will endure his own marathon of PR copywriters' "dancing with the cars" puns. C'mon now, it's for charity. Every hour the contest lasts, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Dallas will receive $500. Now get out there and jingle-jangle your bone spurs.

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