I only had vague memories about this car, but thanks to Goodwood, now I want to race one more than I want a brioche con pistacchio for breakfast tomorrow, and the day after.

The Austin A35 was BMC's compact saloon launched in 1956 to replace the A30, which looked roughly the same. It came with 948 cc A-Series engine producing 34 horsepower and 50 lb ft, and I don't think you were ever supposed to go racing with it.


But of course the British did, which meant the A35 could play with the big boys at Goodwood. Feel free to pick your favorite livery of the three:

It also has to be the cheapest way to enter the action at Goodwood, and with saloon cars providing some of the most action-packed races throughout the weekend, pretty damn entertaining too.


Unfortunately, after about five minutes of me falling in love with the blue car, she got rolled.

The next day, I went to the paddock to check on her condition.

In true British fashion, they kept calm and carried on so that she was ready to race again. When I asked the chaps about the likeliness of a restoration after Goodwood, they had no idea what I was on about.

I guess that was a stupid question. After all, she was race ready with some fresh paint covering the scars.

That'll do...

Photo credits: Máté Petrány/Jalopnik