Wall Street Bonuses Drive Record Sales for Luxury Cars

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Around these parts (NYC), Wall Street bonus season is a time when petty jealousies bubble over into full-blown, weapons-grade resentment. A good year — like 2005's blizzard of cash — spurs a joyful orgy of consumption to which only trophy wives and hawkers of wrist candy, McMansions, luxo-lofts and blingtastic cars can attend. Outsiders are left to the illiquidty, sensible sedans and incessant outflow of meager assets that mark their inauspicious fiduciary lives. (Jealous? Us?) David Philips notes the resultant uptick in luxury carmakers' sales in The Detroit News car blog, including gains of 172% for Bentley and 246% for Maserati in January. Next life we're so coming back as a Ferrari F430.

Off and Running in 2006 [The Detroit News blog]

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