The 2015 Subaru WRX has turned out to be an impressive performer and a worthy update to a car we all love. But it's been a disappointment in the body department, first because it didn't look like the white-hot concept from last year and then because Subaru announced a hatch version wasn't in the cards. Is that about to change?

Our pals at Autoblog have a litany of spy shots of an Impreza hatchback mule with what is clearly a WRX-style front end a "hood scoop goes here" bulge. Does this mean the WRX hatchback is making a comeback?

God, I hope so. One of the best things about the WRX is that it's an extremely practical performance car, something you can fill with kids and groceries and bags of mulch AND hoon ridiculously hard in any kind of weather. The hatchback version was even more useful. It was a hit with buyers, too, with more than half of WRX customers opting for the hatchback.

The last we heard Subaru wasn't doing a hatchback version because all their money was spent on chassis and powertrain engineering for the new WRX instead of developing different body styles. I hope this mysterious mule means it's on the way back. Shut up and take our money, Subaru!