Wacky Hatch! MG Metro 6R4

We admit it. We never met a gonzoid hyper-rally car we didn't like. And while we're complete and utter suckers for purpose-built, design-the-thing-and-homologate-it-later machines like the Ford RS200 and Lancia Stratos, any car with the stones to compete in Group B earns our respect. As such, we've never had a whole lot of love for the Austin/MG/Whatever Metro, but the 6R4 is entirely different pot of meat. Built by Williams, it featured a hybrid construction of plastik und schteel, a midship-mounted V6 instead of a turbo mill with fewer cylinder and well, is simply one of the most gonzoid hatchbacks ever built. We would be proud to call it friend, even if its roadgoing relatives were an affront to the dignity of British motoring, as well as its progenitor, the fabulous Mini.

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