Today a number of topless protesters loudly confronted Vladimir Putin and Angela Merkel at a trade show in Germany, with Putin making headlines for giving the women two thumbs up. Also of note was VW CEO Martin Winterkorn bearing a loving grin.


The protest occurred just as Putin and Merkel were leaving a presentation at the VW stand at the Hannover Messe, where VW CEO was wrapping up a presentation on the gullwinged 260 mpg XL1 on display.

You can just hear Winterkorn's deep Bavarian accent as this video begins.

Take a close look at that first little smile.


Winterkorn does not seem troubled in the least, especially next to the appalled Frau Merkel.

Winterkorn is a very powerful man in Germany, and he has the glittering eyes of a man who could have you sent to work in a salt mine in the Alps if you dared disobey him. His advisers look at him they're sworn to secrecy about what happened on a particular business trip in Turkey.


As the protesters are dragged off, he looks puzzled, or possibly dismayed that his orderly press conference was disturbed by those gruff security guards.

Photo Credits: RT News/YouTube