VW Semis Are Totally Wicked

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Volkswagen in the US has carefully crafted an identity of high-quality cars offering premium features at reasonable prices. You'd never know they also build heavy trucks that are ten kinds of badass. Like this — the VW Constellation.

VW's Constellation line isn't the company's first foray into truck making, but it's certainly one of it's best looking. Designed by the boys in Germany and engineered by a global team, it's manufactured in cooperation with MAN in Brazil for its primary market in South America but it's sold elsewhere as well. The Constellation comes in various capabilities ranging from 14.3 tons to 62.8 tons gross combined vehicle weight and pulls power from either Cummins or MWM diesel engines of various capabilities. Th top-line truck is available with a 370 HP MWM six cylinder. Sweet. It's at its best when outfitted for racing though, in 2006 Renato Martins won the world's most underrated racing series, Brazilian Fórmula Truck. Our only problem with semi truck racing is it's not in the US, and such largess seems like it would go over very well.

Photo credit: Hadel, VWGazette, Wikimedia, Wikimedia

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And I'm going to ask this as a serious question. I'll save making jokes about a German Optimus Prime later.

Wasn't there a reason we stopped making and using over the cab semi's in the US?