VW: Enthusiasts' Arbeit Macht Frei Content On Their Diesel-Seite

VW has launched a "consumer blog forum" all about diesel-fueled German cars. VW believes by concentrating all diesel-lovers into one small camp, they'll work to create free content.

We think the idea of a "blog forum" is simply revolutionary. Something that takes the ADD nature of a blog and mixes it with the single-minded fan-boyism of a forum really deserves its own name. Something that transcends "blog" or "forum." We know, we'll call it a "Blarf." Of course, the great idea only extends so far as there isn't actually a forum at VW's "Blarf," meaning it's just a "Bla."


But, what they do have is a bunch of carefully crafted video ads in which we discover such shocking revelations as: a Jetta TDI is faster than a second-gen Prius, a Golf will still start even when annoying actors are involved and you probably don't want to use coffee filters for making coffee after attaching them to the muffler of an old Mercedes.


The trick with creating content for the Internet is putting it in front of as many eyeballs as possible. This ain't the Field of Dreams — there's no need to spend a lot of money creating annoying content no one will ever see. Also, maybe play nice with Poland too. [VW TDI]

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The Black Bottle

References to Poland, Auschwitz and Neo-Nazis about a 'blog' by VW? You sick ignorant puppies: get an education system America that can be accessed by all of your citizens and that contains a syllabus that neither decries nor espouses creationism but considers all religions. Then stop imprisoning more people per capita than any other nation on the planet and use the money you've saved on universal healthcare. Maybe then you can research FOMOCO's German production plants illustrious contribution to the Third Reich during WWII. To the likes of Tomsk and Uglyduckcar - cheers guys, you actually look at it from a petrol/gearhead's perspective. This is about existing and proven technology beating the crap that some other manufacturers are trying to sell consumers i.e. hybrids. It's become a joke and moved right away from the real point.