Autocar's printing filthy rumors saying VW's planning to foist an R4-platformed car onto Stuttgart as a Porsche 356. Sure, everybody likes the idea of a 356, but not when it's a bastardized, pudgy, nostalgia-riding, baby-boomer-targeted beige-mobile.

Remember the second Audi E-Tron from this latest Detroit Auto Show this year? We'll forgive you if you've forgotten. It was the one which looked cool but stole pretty much everything under the skin of the first E-tron and shaped it like a bastard son of the R8 and the TT. Well Autocar is claiming VW is eyeballing that platform for both a new Audi called the R4 and a rebirth of the Porsche 356. Call us curmudgeons, but some things should just not be done. The Porsche 356 was lightning in a bottle, a one-time deal which can only disappoint if revisited.

Do we pine for a super lightweight, simple, entry-level sports car modeled after the original 356? Sure, but it's called the Cayman, and Porsche is pricing it above where it should be and artificially limiting its potential performance already. A car below it attempting to steal the spotlight of an automotive luminary can only succeed in disappointing. [Autocar]

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