Vorsprung Von Stoß-Esel: Audi S4 Races Skier Down Snowy Slalom Course

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This isn't the first skiing-related 2009 Audi S4 advert, but while the previous one amazed us with CG artistry, this one's for real. Snowy slalom + TFSI V6 + AWD = awesome in our book.

The last 2009 Audi S4 ad we saw was of a skier skiing down the streets of San Fransisco, all done in the tube and with a green screen of course. Our resident Audi-lover, Mr. Wojdyla, questioned Audi's usage of mystical special effects and we're wondering if they in fact listened to him.

They've now produced this killer clip of the S4 racing a downhill skier through a snowy slalom course. How cool its that? Of course they had to throw in the; "Look, a pair of skis fit in the trunk" moment, but we forgive them although we wonder why the S4 couldn't beat the skier. If you're listening Audi, next time, make the car win. Remember, that's what you're trying to sell here. We still love ya.
(Hat Tip to Mobilehavoc!)


[via YouTube]