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Volvo will unveil another XC90 show truck at the Los Angeles show today, this one tweaked to the hilt by Volvo tuning house Evolve and owned by film director Brett Ratner ("Rush Hour," "Whatever Happened to Mason Reese" [yes, that Mason Reese] ). Just like the XC90 tuners Volvo showed at SEMA in 2004 (pictured) and New York (among other places), the new truck (in Ultra Black) has a a lowered sports suspension, big-ass wheels (in this case, 22") and low-profile meats. This one has 15-inch slotted front rotors stopped by eight-piston calipers (13-inch, four-piston rears) an extensive body kit, EVOLVE Exhaust System and minted out interior. These are usually very cool SUVs; we were all "I wish I knew how to quit you," when we saw the last one in New York. Worth a look.

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