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As a young Jalopnik, all we knew about Volvo was that the name was similar to our third-grade naughty word of the week and that Dad used to laugh at his best friend every time the latter's 240 wagon overheated on the way home from Vegas. "You live in a desert," the old man would rant. "Why on earth would you buy a Swedish car?" His best friend's only retort? "Because it is safe." The best friend also didn't want to hear it when the old man pointed out that our family truckster, the amazing 1985 Pontiac Parisienne Safari Station Wagon (known for various reasons as the Lieberwagon), registered the fewest deaths per mile of any car on the road. And back in the mid-80s, not a single Volvo made the top five. However, 21 years on, Dad's best friend — and Volvo — might finally be vindicated. Especially if you drive to 7-11. A lot.

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