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Volvo C30 Is Mean Green Racing Machine

Those Swedish hippies are at it again. For 2008, Volvo is racing in the Swedish Touring Car Championship (STCC) with a C30 hatch that runs on bioethanol fuel. And to make sure everyone knows it, they've painted psychedelic flowers "GREEN RACING" all over it. Allegedly, the car is based on a standard production C30, but there's no mention of a C30 STCC Street Version. Bummer.


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Rob Emslie

Okay, as it takes more energy to create useable bioethanol (and what the hell other kind of ethanol is there?) than petroleum-based fuel due to infrastructure costs and available energy in comparable volumes, I don't see how this racer is "green".

If this were the case the entire IRL/CART series cars could be swathed in green paint.

If anybody has any information on any carbon offset from using alcohol as opposed to petrol, please let me know.

Geez, do you know what all these E85-powered cars is doing to the cost of my daily martini?!