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Volt, Explorer Win North American Cars Of The Year

Illustration for article titled Volt, Explorer Win North American Cars Of The Year

An august panel of car reviewers named the Chevrolet Volt the North American Car Of The Year just now in Detroit, while dubbing Ford's reborn Explorer the North American Truck Of The Year, even though it's really a car.


The only surprise would have been if the Volt had lost, after sweeping most such end-of-the-year awards. Did we notice that the few such awards open to voting from the general public tended to chose the Hyundai Sonata sedan instead of the Volt, and that picking the Chevy amounts to choosing a rookie of the year instead of the most valuable player? Yes, yes we did.

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Total crock of shit.

Agree on the Volt pick, I'm not a Volt fan but it's earned a lot of accolades.

But how in god's name does the Taurus based Exploder v2 win "Truck" of the year? The new GC and Durango have won most comparos with the Ford and actually have some truck based parts in them still. What a joke. The Grand Cherokee and Durango are both superior vehicles, let alone superior "trucks".

Yet another automotive journalist fail.