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Volkswagen Variant: Dude, Where's My Engine?

Of all the air-cooled machines VW sold, the Brazilian Type 3-powered Variant is one of the more obscure. Given how poorly the other VW air-cooled wagons sold in the US, this car probably would have fared just as poorly here, yet there's something appealing about it. This ad (sorry about the gargly sound/image quality) features Brazilian funnyman Rogério Cardoso getting some yuks by trying and failing to find that pesky hidden engine.


We're Watchin' The Selecta: VW Type 3 [internal]

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@cptgreg: um, the "coupe" (actually a 2 door sedan) was called the Notchback. Variant was the official VW name for what we called the Squareback - in fact, VW continues to call the wagons Variants to this day. Notchbacks were sold in North America - in Canada. The "other" Type 3 was the big Karmann Ghia.