Volkswagen Uses Breakdancers, Child Labor To Show Off New Car

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The reveal for the Volkswagen Bluesport included the vehicle surrounded by back-flipping breakdancers. And then, like a scene from The Wall, came the kids.

It isn't unusual for automakers to utilize performers or models to provide a visual kick for their press conference. In fact, we're fairly sure this isn't the first time we've seen flipping breakdancers. Though it made taking pictures of the car quiet difficult (the smoke didn't help either), it was at least entertaining.


The real surprise didn't come until the point where, most assumed, the dancers would move and we'd get to take a picture of the car. Instead, at least 20 pre-teens in black outfits with orange baseball lids came running out from behind the car. The purpose? To deliver orange carnations to the assembled press. There was no real explanation for either the dancers or the kids with flowers, but we assume it's either a German thing or the Germans think, after seeing a few Anne Geddes portraits, cute kids is our thing.

Whatever the reason, we laid our flower out in front of the Hummer display as a sign of respect.

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I'm almost surprised VW spent money on the live presentation thingy, especially with the economy the way it is. Good for them, and good for Detroit. I might have personally preferred a dozen or so Rockettes, but I'm an old guy who likes legs...