What Animal Deserves To Have A Car Named For It?

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Some of the best car names are animal names. Many iconic cars have been named for animals — Mustang, Jaguar, Beetle, Barracuda, Sting Ray — but there's still many, many high-quality, high-profile animals out there with crappy agents who need cars named for them. Which would you pick?


I've always thought Gorilla would be a great name for the right rugged SUV. Our very own Tavarish reminded me that there almost was a tough little SUV called the Gorilla — but it was just a concept, and then Ford even changed the name of that concept to the SYNus.

Seriously? From Gorilla to SYNus? A gorilla is a terrifying and incredible primate capable of tearing ass through dense jungle or pulling your arms out of their sockets, and SYNus sounds like what a bunch of virgin robots with head colds complain about being clogged.

Gorilla's so much cooler. What the hell were you thinking, Ford?



Honey Badger, but then again...