The Volkswagen Beetle has been the test subject of for some bizarre experiments in its lifetime. Volkswagen decided they should highlight some of the more successful results in this ad including footage of a floating amphibious Beetle.


This Volkswagen ad would be confusing and hilarious even if it was in a language I could understand. The transitions are classic, the music is excellent, and seeing a Beetle driving in the water is equal parts funny and weird. The ad appears to be pointing out some of the crazy things people do with Volkswagens as a testament to the car's merits.

Volkswagen is a company that was known for a long time for not taking themselves too seriously in their advertising. This ad certainly follows that philosophy closely and is strangely effective. Although it does make blasting through the sand in a dune buggy or skidding through a corner in a Formula Vee race car look like a lot of fun, more than anything I want to buy a 70s Bug and see if it floats.

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