Volkswagen Reportedly Warned Of Emissions Cheating Years Ago

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As Volkswagen continues to look into the roots of its Dieselgate scandal, Reuters cites two German newspapers in reporting that the company and one of its suppliers received warning years ago about software designed specifically to cheat emissions testing.


Reuters reports that VW declined comment about details of the newspaper reports from Sunday, with a spokesperson for the manufacturer saying that the company’s current focus is on its current internal investigations and finding solutions for customers and dealers.

The most recent warning uncovered in the investigation at this time came from VW technicians. From Reuters:

The Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung, citing a source on VW’s supervisory board, said the board had received an internal report at its meeting on Friday showing VW technicians had warned about illegal emissions practices in 2011. No explanation was given as to why the matter was not addressed then.

Parts supplier Bosch warned the company even earlier, as USA Today reports that Bosch sent a letter to VW cautioning the manufacturer about using the software in regular operation. A spokesperson for Bosch said that its business with VW was confidential, according to Reuters:

Separately, Bild am Sonntag newspaper said VW’s internal probe had turned up a letter from parts supplier Bosch written in 2007 that also warned against the possible illegal use of Bosch-supplied software technology. The paper did not cite a source for its report.

First discovered in the U.S., the emissions discrepancy between VW’s “clean diesel” cars in testing and on the street is now being investigated in coutries around the world.

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Am I the only one that does not see this as cheating? Do the cars pass the test as the test is designed? If so then how is that cheating? Just because they don't pass a different test, does not mean they cheated. It means someone changed the test.