Volkswagen Expected To Pay $4.3 Billion To Settle The Dieselgate Criminal Case

Photo: AP/Michael Probst
Photo: AP/Michael Probst

Volkswagen has already been asked to pay about $15 billion to buy back cars and mitigate environmental pollution caused by their NOx-spewing diesels. But now, Bloomberg reports, the company may have to pay another $4.3 billion to resolve the civil criminal allegations associated with Dieselgate.

That’s a huge figure, and, according to the news site’s statement from VW, would put costs associated with Dieselgate over what the automaker has set aside to cover it.


In addition to the whopping fine, the proposed settlement includes a guilty plea to criminal charges, as well as an agreement to bolster “compliance systems,” and to assign an “independent monitor” (which sounds a lot like a babysitter) for three years.

Bloomberg says VW is reviewing the settlement in the next few days, and could increase financial provisions to help weather the scandal fallout. After that, a final agreement will need to be given the green light by the court.

The news comes just a day after a U.S. Volkswagen executive was arrested by the FBI following an indictment on a federal fraud conspiracy charge, something the company was reportedly blindsided by.

More on this as we get it.

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His Stigness

What utter bullshit!

Yes, VW intentionally falsified emissions testing for TDI engines in the US. And yes, they did try to talk their way out of it give BS excuses. But, to “let’s destroy VW and bring them to their knees!” crowd (which obviously includes the US government), THEY DIDN’T KILL ANYONE! Even though GM didn’t set out to design a faulty ignition switch which led to the death of many people, they hid that little tidbit from customers and regulators. And Takata, while I think they too didn’t set out to kill people, they too coveted up evidence, and their fuck up led to the deaths of innocent people.

How and the FUCK does a company which did not kill people, get (or rumored to get) fined two or four times MORE than companies that did?!?

Seriously, putting aside your opinion of VW, explain to me how companies made deadly mistakes can be fined more than a company that did not.

And to make this cluster fuck worse, this DOJ settlement is being led by Obama appointees, not even the “fuck foreigners” appointees of the upcoming Trump administration.

What the fuck?