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We normally wouldn't be covering this at all β€” but gosh darn it, if it involves VW's "Fast" we're on it like white on rice...unless the rice is brown...then...well, you get the point. Anyway β€” Volkswagen just snagged some major award-age with a win over Adidas (and 620 other opponents) for the "Sales Promotion Grand Prix" at the Cannes Lions International Ad Festival. Apparently the Promo Lions ad thing is new this year β€” but from what we hear β€” it's pretty cool an American company won β€” and even cooler that it was automotive-related. Well, if it's highly implausible for a win by the US team in the World Cup β€” at least we'll always have Cannes. U-S-A! U-S-A!

First Lions Promo Award Goes to Volkswagen [Advertising Age]

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