Voisin Concept Designed To Compete with Bugatti Veyron, Uses Audi's V12 TDI

During the 1930s, Voisin was the only real rival to Bugatti, at least through intention if not product. Looking to rekindle that challenge, Portuguese designer Ernesto Freitas has designed the Voisin Concept you see here. Envisioning Veyron rivaling performance, he's chosen Audi's 6.0-liter V12 TDI, which could deliver equivalent performance in the right state of tune.


Clearly inspired by the Veryon's design, Freitas has combined it with enough McLaren F1 to at least give the Voisin a cleaner, more traditionally appealing look.

Freitas said this about his concept, "Despite being active for just a few years, this brand made some of the most fantastic and luxurious cars of the time. Lots of technological advanced details were incorporated in their cars, using the knowledge from the aviation world. Gabriel Voisin and his brother, Charles Voisin where pioneers, and I believe, the only real rivals of Bugatti at that time. Having this in mind, we came up with a design to rival with Bugatti, like in the old days." [Via CarBodyDesign]

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